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Kumarpalli, News Today:

  “Job information available in all the companies will be sent to the job seekers based on their qualification everyday to their mobile phone”, Sangeetha Kumara swamy, Co-founder of PaniSMS.

  She said, those who are register with PaniSMS, they are going to send Job information at free of cost through cell phone. Talking to Media at Hanumakonda here on Monday Sangeetha told that “PaniSMS Volunteers are working in Tamilnadu, Karnataka and in our state Vishakha, Rangareddy, Hyderabad, Mahboobnagar, Khammam districts”. In Warangal district with help of welfare Associations, Women's Associations and NGO'S, PaniSMS is will be sending Job information through mobiles. Interested people can call 040 64647264 and register their names. Those who are registered with PaniSMS, will get the free Job Information until they get the job.

Palamur News today:

  To provide Job Opportunities for unemployed people in the district, PaniSMS has joined hands with Major Companies and Associations to give Information on Jobs said PaniSMS organizers Sangeetha Kumaraswamy and Balaji.

  PaniSMS organizers have arranged a meeting on Thursday morning with Journalists at Sindhu Hotel. They provide job information for both educated and uneducated people from the district; they will be a bridge between the unemployed and the companies. People can register with PaniSMS with cell phone number at free of cost. Candidate can directly talk with Companies to get job. PaniSMS already started in Vishakhapatnam, Kurnool and Ananthapur Districts and going to launch in the district. “We are negotiating with the welfare associations to start in the district”, added by the PaniSMS representatives. They said call call 9533910032 for any information.

ZP Centre, News Line:

  From Now onwards PaniSMS will send Job Information to unemployed through mobile SMS, said PaniSMS founder Ms.Sangeetha Kumarswamy in Press Meet here on thursday.

  Talking to Media Ms.Sangeetha said that their main aim of founding is for providing Job to rural and urban unemployed people.

  This service is available only for Users who are having cell phone. Whenever there is Job fair in the city, information will be sent through SMS. She also said that "Current Job Information will be provided through Voice and SMS" and for that job seekers have to register their names with PaniSMS.Our Volunteers are also doing door to door registration with PaniSMS in selected Mandals of the district.

  Raising Sun NGO is working on behalf our PaniSMS and we are starting a branch in the district head quarters.

ZP Centre, Newsline: on Tuesday has organized a camp in local Mandal parishat and register unemployed people. Nearly 100 unemployed men and women registered with PaniSMS.

  Speaking to media PaniSMS Co-Founder Sangeetha Kumaraswamy said that for all registered people they would be given free SIM card. Wherever there is Job information, PaniSMS will send the information to SIM card through SMS